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Sustainability through innovation

We are constantly striving to make our business, manufacturing processes and product offering more sustainable - this means we're always finding new ways of doing things



The Lastane layer on our boards is made partly from renewable raw materials, utilising biopolymers/natural oil polyols as opposed to petroleum-based materials. Natural oil polyols are derived from naturally occurring vegetable oils, a fully renewable raw material base.

Sustainability recycle

Recycled fillers

Over a third of the raw materials used for making the structural core of Millboard is recycled. These materials have been diverted from waste streams and reprocessed to create premium ingredients for our boards. This helps to sustain the earths limited resources and prevents waste.


Fully recyclable packaging

Millboard sample and product packaging is 100% recyclable. Our brochures and printed marketing materials use paper from FSC certified forests, using the FSC tick tree logo to confirm this wherever possible.


Constantly working to reduce carbon footprint

Our manufactured products were verified to the international standard ISO 14064 by a UKAS accredited testing laboratory, our most recently recorded carbon footprint was 1.31kg / CO2 per m2. We continue to make a concerted effort to ensure we limit our effect on climate change. Our samples and smaller items are distributed via DPD for their sustainability credentials - view our DPD Carbon Certificate here

Achilles carbon reduced certified

Achilles 'Carbon Reduce' Certified

The Millboard Company Limited meets the requirements of the Achilles Carbon Reduce Certification, having measured its greenhouse gas emissions in accordance with ISO 14064 Part 1 2006. Millboard has committed to managing and reducing its emissions where possible, with respect to its operational activities across the UK.

Millboard products and sustainability

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Millboard is in the process of obtaining Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for its core products.

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Millboard products are reusable and built to last for a very long time

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Made in the UK - reducing the amount of distance they need to travel to your project

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