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We make five ‘living’ commitments:

We know that a sustainable future must include every person and family enjoying a fair standard of living. We think that all organisations should consider for the lives of those that make up their teams. Without that reasonable baseline, the world will not be in balance.

Living committments 1

We pay all staff at or above the Real Living Wage

Millboard is committed to our employees and their families and voluntarily pays above the Real Living Wage. This is calculated according to the basic cost of living in the UK, and is not to be confused with the lower National Minimum Wage set by the UK government.

Living committments 2

We promote a fair work/life balance for all our staff

We fully recognise the demands of daily life outside of work for all our valued staff members. We readily accommodate work-from-home and flexible working arrangements wherever possible, and we ensure that working hours are not excessive.

Living committments 3

We protect the safety of all staff while at work

We're accredited to ISO 45001, but we take our duty of care beyond those basic requirements. We always consider the needs of staff in the workplace and ensure that their work can be carried out safely and without undue strain.

Living committments 4

We provide enhanced support for those having a family

We believe that parenting is a wonderful thing and is clearly intrinsic to sustainability. We do all that we can to support those having children by providing over and above the statutory level of maternity pay.

Living committments 5

We actively support charitable causes to support those less fortunate

Each year, we donate hundreds of thousands to charity to support clear cases of need. Typically, we donate 1% of turnover, and in recent years have supported over 30 charities across multiple areas.

Alongside our five key commitments there are other things we do to protect standards of ‘living’

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We ensure that the work environment is fair and free from discrimination or bullying

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We provide our staff with first-rate refreshment and welfare facilities

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We give practical support to charitable activities such as food boxes for those less fortunate

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We support our staff with independent, confidential services aimed at helping them with everyday life

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The mental health of our staff is as important to us as their physical health

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Our dedication to the safety of our team is second to none

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