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Operating according to fair standards provides security for all.

We make five livelihood commitments

The final component of a truly sustainable outlook is the need for individuals and organisations to make ends meet – to earn what’s needed to pay the bills and plan for the future. And that requires everyone to play fair and adhere to a certain standard of operation.

Livelihood commitments 1

We pay our suppliers on time, according to terms.

We value our suppliers and know that every business can only survive if it has a dependable flow of monies in. We pay all our suppliers on time, according to terms agreed, with the vast majority being within 30 days.

Livelihood commitments 2

We’re committed to paying our fair share of tax

As a substantial business, we recognise our responsibility to contribute to society by paying our taxes on time and in full, which we always do.

Livelihood commitments 3

We conduct business in an ethical and transparent manner

We fully support the government’s anti-bribery and anti-corruption initiatives and apply these standards in our business. We expect all transactions to stand the light of day and be conducted in a manner that abides by the rules of good business.

Livelihood commitments 4

We ensure that no aspects of our business are enabled by slave labour

We believe that all forms of modern slavery are utterly unacceptable, and we take active measures to ensure that no aspects of our supply chain are facilitated by modern slavery.

Livelihood commitments 5

We are a committed participant of the UN Global Compact

Having signed up to the Ten Principles of the UNGC, we uphold the highest standards in relation to Human Rights, Labour, and Anti-Corruption.

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