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Guaranteeing continuity of life is at the heart of sustainability.

We make five ‘life’ commitments:

Protecting life and the natural resources that make up ‘life’ in its widest sense is central to a sustainable future. We constantly review our processes and practices to ensure that we are having the least impact possible on the environment around us.

Life commitments 1

We keep our use of virgin materials to a minimum.

Our products use no natural timber and minimal raw materials, and we aim to keep it that way. We believe that a sustainable future involves leaving the natural world intact as much as possible.

Life commitments 2

We maximise the use of recycled material in product manufacture.

Every decking board is produced using recycled minerals, and our sub-frame system and materials are made entirely from recycled or recyclable plastic and aluminium.

Life commitments 3

We aim to recycle all waste from our business activities that can be recycled.

Both in the factory and in our offices and showrooms, we have an effective recycling programme to contribute to the circular economy, including a scheme to encourage re-use of product samples rather than disposal.

Life commitments 4

We care for the natural environment in which we operate.

Our factory is set in a beautiful natural environment, sustaining diverse flora and fauna. We maintain the environment carefully for the wild creatures that visit and have plans to establish active beekeeping.

Life commitments 5

We hold ourselves accountable for environmental protection.

We’re certified to ISO 14001, and we aim to go above and beyond in fulfilling the requirements that the standard sets out.

Alongside our five key commitments there are other things we do to protect ‘life’ for future generations

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We support home working for relevant roles, reducing CO2 miles

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We aim to maximise recycling of pallets in our operations

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We utilise renewable energy in part of our manufacturing processes with plans to implement a large solar array by November 2023

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We use recyclable packaging for despatching our products

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We encourage use of recycled materials in our literature

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We have reduced solvent waste in our manufacturing processes

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