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Living committments 1

We’re proud that in May 2021, we received the formal accreditation for what is for us a way of life – paying our staff a wage that guarantees them a positive quality of life.

Given that one of the strands of our Sustainability commitment is ‘living’, it goes without saying that we want to pay the Living Wage as a minimum. In fact, we’ve been doing it in principle for as long as we’ve been in business. We didn’t need the offer of an accreditation to make us do it – we just wanted to join a movement that aligns so closely with our own values.

The Living Wage movement is something that every participating organisation, like Millboard, enters into voluntarily. The Living Wage Foundation is the organisation behind the movement, and they describe themselves as providing accreditation, intelligence and influence. In simple terms, that means that they provide businesses with a badge of honour that confirms they fulfil the Living Wage Employer criteria, they set the Living wage rates every year based on real evidence of living standards across the UK, and they provide a platform to promote the concept of the Living Wage.

Originally founded in 2011 and now headquartered in Glasgow, the Living Wage Foundation grew out of the Living Wage Campaign, which originated in London. And such is the success of their efforts, there are now over 7000 UK businesses that voluntarily pay this higher rate of pay than the minimum wage set by the government.

We applaud the efforts of the Living Wage Foundation and are pleased to be counted among the thousands of businesses whose approach to fair pay is recognised with their accreditation.

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