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Life. Living. Livelihood.


Pursuing a sustainable path

We believe in the beauty of life in its many forms. Ensuring a sustainable future is intrinsic to our nature. Our approach to sustainability is simple. Every day, we consider the impact that our actions will have on the future of life, living and livelihoods, and strive to make choices that are fair and considerate.

The Millboard ambition

At our heart, we’re lovers of outdoors and the life that can be enjoyed outside. We want everyone to enjoy life in that way, and we want to ensure that future generations can as well.

We know that we can’t work miracles, but we believe in the power of one right choice after another. Many small steps create a sustainable path.

Read more about our approach, and join us on our quest to enhance the quality of life, living and livelihoods for all. Let’s make sure that everyone can spend happy hours outdoors!

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