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The Oasis Water Garden

Shade Landscapes

Requirements Craft a tranquil outdoor space, featuring a bespoke waterfall network, using durable, water-resistant materials that look incredible.
Designed & Created By Shade Landscapes & Water Gardens

The landscaping experts at Shade Landscapes & Water Gardens were commissioned to build an intricate network of waterfalls and ponds to accompany a unique and stunning pergola design. Flanking all of this is a raised walkway up to their customer’s summer house, where they can marvel at the waterfalls, fire water feature, pond and planting as they relax. Quality, longevity and versatility were paramount requirements on this project, so they opted for Millboard Enhanced Grain Coppered Oak and set to work on this beautiful outdoor space.

The customer wanted to be surrounded by the tranquil sounds of the water features we installed. Using Millboard to build the pergola ticked all the boxes in terms of quality, durability, aesthetic and water resistance.

Ben, Shade Landscapes Partner & Foreman

Tasked with designing a bespoke outdoor water oasis, complete with waterfalls, water features, ponds, planting, walkways and a pergola - the team really demonstrated their broad skillset and venerable artisanry to deliver something truly splendid. It was clear to them that Millboard would be the best material for the pergola and walkways due to how well it works in moisture rich environments, so they set about planning and constructing a moated Millboard deck to sit in their aquatic wonderland.

Surrounded by tranquil waterfall features and planting, the only access to the pergola deck is a stone bridge, allowing users to fully immerse themselves in 360 degrees of soothing water ambience. Millboard planters were constructed on each leg of the pergola for climbing plants to wrap around and provide further nature immersion.

Further up the Millboard path they installed an ecosystem pool with two adjoining waterfalls, which meet your eye when at the top of the Millboard walkway.

LED lighting strips with a continuous warm, white glow have been installed along the length of the Millboard path, for evening illumination and additional character.

Shade landscapes have provided video footage of this incredible space, captured and curated by Faolan Jones.

"Millboard is the perfect accompaniment to water - this comes from our thinking that for years decking has been laid next to water - if you think back to a jetty going out into a lake - this is how we like to think of Shade's relationship with Millboard: artistically-planted water gardens go hand in hand with Millboard, where decking meets water - Millboard gives us the perfect possibility to achieve this"

Joe, Shade Landscapes Partner & Landscape Designer

To ensure the newly constructed pergola and walkway would last as long as the decking, Millboard’s Plas-Pro sub-frame components were used to ensure all the underlying structures will last as long as the decks they support. The garden is now the perfect space for experiencing pure relaxation and tranquillity - plus, it will stand the test of time.

Everything in the oasis water garden project was designed and built by Shade Landscapes & Water Gardens - and with over 20 years experience in carpentry and specialist water garden design & development, it's no wonder their customer was delighted with the end result.

You can learn more about other Millboard projects Shade Landscapes have worked on via their website at or follow them on Facebook & Instagram.

If you'd like Shade Landscapes to work on your Millboard project, you can use our Find an Installer service and we'll check their availability for you.

Shade Landscapes & Water Gardens

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