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Millboard 'How-to' videos and guides

  • Curved deck thumbnail

    How to build curved decking features

  • Best practice installing the subframe

    Best practice – installing the subframe

  • How to take up and re fix Millboard decking boards

    How to take up and re-fix decking boards

  • Duo 51mm

    DuoSpan 51mm Overview

  • Duo 99mm

    DuoSpan 99mm Overview

  • Duo Lift

    DuoLift Overview

  • Advert

    Millboard Advert

  • USP

    Millboard USP's

  • Side F Ixing Tool without green twist reduced2

    Using the DuoFix Side-Fixing Tool

Short Decking Training Videos

  • Using edging

    1. Using the edging

  • Mitre joint

    2. Mitre Joint

  • Edging overhang

    3. Overhang of edging

  • Gaps at joints

    4. Gaps at joints

  • Boards straight

    5. Keeping boards straight

  • Boards flush

    6. Getting boards flush

  • Visible ends

    7. Visible ends

  • Substructure

    8. Substructure

  • Steps

    9. Steps

  • Fixings

    10. Using the DuraFix Fixings


  • Millboard Decking Installation & User Guide pdf 13.373 MB

  • DuoSpan™ Joists & DuoLift™ Joist Supports Installation Guide pdf 5.561 MB

  • DuoSpan™ Joists and Beam Installation Guide pdf 1.915 MB

  • Millboard Envello Cladding Installation & User Guide pdf 2.002 MB

  • DuoFix Side Fixing Tool Installation & User Guide pdf 3.475 MB

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