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What is a decking subframe?

In order to understand what makes Millboard subframe solutions superior to other options out there, it is important to understand what a subframe actually is.

A decking subframe is the structure that sits beneath your deck, keeping it supported and providing the base that your decking boards are attached to.

The key to a long lasting deck is a well constructed subframe comprised of high quality materials, set correctly in an appropriate foundation.

Download our comprehensive decking subframe guide for expert knowledge on factors to consider when selecting a subframe.

Subframe large

Subframe material comparison

Each subframe option has pros and cons. Use the below table to decide the best option for your project. For more details on the benefits and drawbacks of each material, make sure you download the decking subframe guide.

Decking subframe options

Timber is often the go-to option for many with a cheaper initial cost, but as it rots and decomposes over time it actually becomes more expensive as you end up replacing parts of the subframe and deck. Whether or not you install a Millboard deck - we recommend you take a look at our alternatives and decide which one suits your project best.

Plas-Pro Subframes (Recycled plastic)

Plas-Pro is an excellent alternative to timber for constructing the framework for decks, seating, planters and more. Constructed from recycled plastic, Plas-Pro is strong, versatile and easy to work with.

Available in a range of sizes to act as posts, joists and bearers, it can be fitted in a similar way to wood yet never rots, even when placed in water.

The flexibility of Plas-Pro means that it can also be used to create unique and special outdoor constructions, incorporating curves and twists that would be impossible with conventional materials.

Learn more about Plas-Pro subframes here

DuoSpan Subframes (Aluminium hybrid)

DuoSpan is a unique landscape construction frame, it is made with a combination of aluminium joists and beams, aluminium brackets and plastic support profiles. This combination enables distinctive design opportunities for decking and outdoor structures that would be impossible with timber subframes, due to the superior strength of aluminium and flexibility of plastic.

There are many advantages for using the DuoSpan subframe over timber subframes, this includes the material properties of DuoSpan and also the ease and speed of the installation.

Being made from aluminium, the joists are resistant to rotting or moisture ingress, negating the need for airflow gaps to the framework or end-grain preservative treatment.

Learn more about DuoSpan subframes here

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