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Archers Garden Room 1

Small space concept 1: Boats

Expensive cities like London have embraced rural and industrial vessels as alternative and cheaper forms of accommodation. Canal boats and transporter barges now comfortably house professionals and artists alike, allowing mobility between many cultural and creative hotspots, such as Stratford-upon-Avon.

Small space concept 2: Caravans

Once the less than stylish remnant of British summertime, vintage caravans are being snapped up and renovated into homes, pop-up shops and eateries. The surge of British holidaymakers now opting for a staycation rather than travelling abroad has also revitalised the popularity of the caravan, with no signs of slowing.

Small space concept 3: Wooden structures/frontier houses

The trailer based wooden tiny-house has become a dominant DIY fixture in the small space category. Originating in America and capturing the imagination with simplicity of build combined with design flexibility, we are hoping one day someone takes on the challenge of building one of these out of Millboard products.

Small space concept 4: Laneway houses

Originating in Vancouver, the Laneway House is a compact and economical housing solution. Traditional these structures take up half the footprint of the average Canadian garage space.

Small space concept 5: Optibo

The Swedish Optibo is a single-room living space which has furniture built into the floors and walls to convert the room for different functions. It is often described as the 'swiss-army knife of apartments' and one of our all time favourites when it comes to some of the incredible designs out there.

Small space concept 6: Shipping containers

Shipping container conversions have become popular throughout Australia, the US and Europe. The cost-effectiveness and structural integrity of the boxes has historically made them perfect for everything from accommodation to office-space.

Small space concept 7: Friggebod

A friggebod is a small Swedish house which can be built without any planning permission. It is named after Birgit Friggbo, who was the Minister for Housing in 1979, when the new type of tiny-home was first introduced.

Small space concept 8: Buses, trucks & trailers

Many vintage vehicles are now enjoying a new lease life and just about anything can be utilised to create unique and homely accommodation. Antique railway carriages are particularly coveted for their unique romanticism.

Small space concept 9: Romany caravans

A classic of the tiny-home genre, the ornate Romany caravan is now finding a fan-base outside of the gypsy community. The caravans are viewed as a high cultural point for both artistic design and function.

Small space concept 10: Bedouin tents & yurts

Temporary Arabian/Mongolian structures that make great tiny-homes. These small spaces have become popular in dry American states like New Mexico and Texas.

Small space concept 11: Garden Rooms & Shoffices

With the Covid pandemic rendering many of us around the world housebound, people have increasingly turned to their own gardens and outdoor spaces as retreats and sanctuaries. Not only that, but home working, home based hobbies and entertaining guests at home have all seen a huge increase in recent years.

To get the most out of their space and provide themselves with a new form of utility in their gardens, many people have embraced the trend for building Garden Rooms or Shoffices (shed offices). These are often fully insulated, heated outdoor structures with outlet power built to simple, elegant, versatile designs. To ensure their longevity, many of these structures are clad in weather resistant composite materials.

This combination of form and utility provides the perfect space for those that want to be closer to their outdoors, whilst still being able to pursue work, play and provide entertainment you would traditionally do in your home. 

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