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French doors

French doors are an attractive option and can make a big difference to a small space, allowing natural light to flood in and a clear view of outside to be seen from indoors.

Bifold doors

Bifold doors can dramatically open out the space between indoors and outdoors, given their suitability for wider openings. They can practically form an entire wall of glass! A bifold door is made up of a series of door panels that run across a track. As the door is opened, the panels fold onto each other, creating a stack at each end of the doorway.

Pocket doors

Pocket doors are perfect for creating continuous design. The door panels run along a track, eventually disappearing into pockets at the end of the doorway. The panel tracks are buried in the building's existing structure so the resulting door width will be dependent on how far the tracks can be embedded into the wall adjacent to the opening.

Sliding doors

Sliding doors introduce a large amount of light into an indoor space. They are also a great alternative for homes that lack the space for pocket doors. A lift and slide feature can be introduced to improve the seal of the sliding doors.

Pivot doors

Pivot doors provide an eye-catching alternative to 'side slide' doors. Pivot doors turn ninety degrees to the surrounding frame, creating a unique way of transitioning into the garden. However, because they sit above the finished floor level, it's sometimes difficult to achieve a complete seal with pivot doors and therefore they are not suitable for areas that are exposed to the elements.

Harmonious indoor-outdoor design elevates the look and feel of a home, enhancing the whole living experience. Finding creative ways to knit the spaces together provides a property with a new and exciting dimension. These door options will all foster a greater coherence between garden and home.

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