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Millboard samples

1. Porcelain

The qualities of natural stone captured in a dependable man-made material. Create warmth and light with this perennial classic.

2. Resins

So malleable and effective. Millboard decking uses wood-free polyurethane combined with mineral stone for example. This combines a flawless natural look with an engineered durability. Incredible versatility also allows for a range of design possibilities.

3. Rubber

Traditionally used for safety purposes, now a creative alternative for many spaces and an easy and fresh way to add an edge of modernity.

4. Aluminium

A truly versatile material, used in furniture, pergolas, wind breakers, retractable roofs and more. Aluminium is truly practical and lends itself to everything from the sculptural to the functional.

Why not approach established materials and methods with a fresh eye?

Use our top four material usage suggestions to get the creativity flowing in your next grand design.

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