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One of the questions we frequently get asked is, ‘what is Millboard Decking made from?’

It might surprise you to know that our boards contain no timber or plastic. Millboard decking is made from revolutionary Polyurethane resin, reinforced with mineral stone, and surfaced with a unique Lastane® coating.

Conventional composite boards typically contain wood fibre, flours, rice husks and plastics, but we opt to use stronger, more advanced materials that won’t rot, split or host algae.

So what is Polyurethane? It’s a material that is supple like rubber but rigid and hard-wearing like a plastic, and won’t warp over time like a rubber would. Being seamless and water resistant, Polyurethane is attracting interest for use in modern interiors, especially in Western Europe. It’s one of the most stable resin materials available, and because there’s no wood content at all, the boards simply can’t play host to damp or insect larvae. In short, it’s the perfect material for outdoor use, all year round.

Despite this sophisticated engineering, Millboard decking is easy to use and can be cut with standard saw blades. We recommend that using a carbon-tipped, multi-purpose chop saw will get the best results.

You might be interested to know that this sophistication doesn’t come at an environmental cost. Not a single tree is chopped down to produce Millboard. Millboard decking is designed and produced in the UK from a low energy classed process, and is therefore a sustainable choice in exterior decking.

Millboard decking will never need oiling or sanding, and its non-porous and stain resistant Lastane® surface provides a beauty that endures.

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