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We are very pleased to share that Millboard has once again been featured on Channel 4’s Ugly House to Lovely House. Presented by architect and presenter George Clarke, Ugly House to Lovely House gives a stunning makeover to some of the ugliest homes in Britain. This time, the team head back to a previous project in Colchester.

Originally aired in 2017, Architect Chris Dyson of Chris Dyson Architects completely transformed the exterior of the family home with our Enhanced Grain boards in Burnt Cedar.

Transforming it from what George described as looking like a ‘1960s block of flats’, thanks to homeowners Wendy and Allen deciding to focus on the exterior to create some much needed kerb appeal and change how it looked from the road.

Burnt Cedar cladding blog v2

At the time, George said of our boards: “Chris has specified a very unusual material for the outside of the building. It looks like timber, it feels like timber and it’s even got a very similar tight grain as a natural timber board, but it’s not!

“It’s got a very special coating on the outside which basically means it doesn’t weather over time, it doesn’t get that bleached look that natural timber can get. So it’s always going to look as beautiful as this. The Millboard boards are no cheaper than real timber, but as it’s low maintenance, there are savings long term.”

Reflecting on the project over two years later, homeowners Wendy and Allen are still thrilled with their exterior cladding, commenting how it still looks new. George also remarked how fantastic the exterior looked, commenting how well the boards had weathered.

Click here to watch George Clarke’s Ugly House to Lovely House to see how Millboard’s Enhanced Grain boards have completely transformed the property.

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