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The team at Millboard live and breathe home and outdoor style trends, and we’ve all been impressed recently with the pictures of painted interior floors circulating online. We can certainly see the appeal of updating internal floors easily and quickly with a lick of paint! Painted floors are also a fantastic way to introduce colours and patterns into a room, and to enhance theming or zoning.

It’s inevitable that the trend will migrate outdoors onto decks and walkways, but many find that maintaining painted surfaces outside is an impossible challenge (particularly in British weather). Painting outdoor flooring looks fantastic for a few months, but come winter, it all starts bubbling and flaking away from the wooden surface, leading to degraded garden structures that require serious attention or even removal.

Millboard’s Enhanced Grain in Brushed Basalt is the most authentic looking ‘painted-wood-effect’ decking on the market, enabling you to embrace painted boards outside, without the hassle. These hand-moulded and hand-finished polyurethane boards are specifically designed to stand up to the elements. They’ll never split, rot or warp like natural timber would, and the colour is steadfast to the surface, meaning that they’ll look fantastic season after season.

Millboard also stock Embered and Burnt Cedar style boards, so if you are dreaming of black painted boards, they will help you to achieve the effect.

Whichever shade you go for, Millboard decking is designed to go the distance, so that you can confidently install, knowing that your paint-effect boards will look beautiful year after year.

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