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If you are one of the lucky individuals who have a roof terrace, then you want to make sure that you make the most of it. During the summer months it is the perfect place to lie out in the sun and not be overlooked as you can be with a garden. As the autumn takes over, it is a great place to sit with friends after a night of dining and discuss the finer details of life. At Millboard, we often work with clients who have roof terraces and want to maximise the space by adding roof decking. We have a variety of products that can help you to enjoy your roof terrace all year round.

If you only have a small terrace, roof decking can be a great feature so that you can really make the most of the space. You can place a barbecue upon it and also add a table and some chairs for you and your friends to relax on. You could also create sections to the terrace if you are privileged enough to have a large space to play with. Adding flower beds and a lawn area can really bring the space to life and fill it with colour.

One thing to bear in mind when lying roof decking on a terrace or balcony is that the area needs to be completely flat and level. Sometimes this may not be possible in terms of getting the floor to be completely accurate. However, with the help of our new ‘Self Levelling’ pedestal range, you can have even roof decking with no trouble at all. When fitted, they will even themselves out so that you barely have to do a thing. This innovative product is available now and will give you the dream roof terrace you have always wanted.

To find out more about our new pedestal roof decking range or any of our decking products, then call us today on 024 7643 9943.

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