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Millboard sub-frame system: We are often asked about the best sub-base frame systems for composite decking installations. Without doubt, we know that the ideal companion for our all-weather composite decking is Plas-Pro, a durable, hard-wearing and practical sub-frame material for spaces exposed to damp such as jetties, fishing platforms, pools, roof terraces and boardwalks.

The Millboard sub-frame system is made from 100% recycled plastic, which means it won’t rot, split or crack.

Typically, treated timber sub frames will last between 15 and 20 years, however untreated timber has a much shorter lifespan and we don’t recommend its use.

Timber sub frames can be affected by the quality of the installation and build process, incremental weather conditions and where the structure is physically situated; for example, if it’s shaded by the house or subject to continued wet conditions.

Millboard always recommend using one our Approved Installers to ensure that you get the best quality of work for your outdoor composite decking project.

By choosing composite decking, you will have already realised the key benefits and lifespan advantages of opting for non-timber decking, so why choose a sub-frame which isn’t going to last as long as your deck? A composite sub-frame option such as Plas-Pro will not degrade over time and can be placed without an airflow

Plas-Pro is made from 100% recycled plastic. Using selected graded materials and cleverly engineered processes, Plas-Pro not only brings the key environmental benefits but the assurance of superior quality performance.

Being impervious to water ingress Plas-Pro will not rot, swell or split like wood, making it particularly suitable around water and damp environments and like our composite decking, it is maintenance free.

Find out more about the Millboard Plas Pro sub-frame system.

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