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RRT emergency support

Millboard are proud to support the Rapid Relief Team (RRT), a global support service delivering hope and relief to people across the globe whether it be a fire, flood or humanitarian need.

RRT emergency support v2

Supporting communities in need

When natural disasters occur, RRT volunteers step in and deliver support in the form of free catering or aid to those affected, by providing free meals, food parcels and tangible support.

The RRT team support communities in need throughout the world, helping people in the UK and Europe, as well as further afield such as Australia, New Zealand, the Caribbean, Canada and North and South America.

Alongside emergency and disaster relief, RRT also provides aid to charitable organisations and government missions. These include helping children who are ill or are from disadvantaged backgrounds, empowering people who live with a disability or are facing health adversities and assisting the homeless with catering and donations of items such as warm blankets.

RRT emergency support v3

Delivering aid to Ukraine

Most recently, hundreds of RRT volunteers have been providing much needed aid to Ukranian refugees, packing boxes loaded with non-perishable food items, Care Kits containing items such as bottled water and blankets, and Baby Care Kits containing formula and nappies. 2-3 full lorries then make their way to Poland so the items can be distributed to those in need.

With an initial fundraising target of £250,000 which has now been raised to £1,000,000, Millboard are proud to have donated money towards this, helping RRT provide relief to Ukrainians in need in the middle of the crisis.

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