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Millboard: Outdoor decking material that’s built to last

There is a lot to consider when selecting the right outdoor decking material. Get it right the first time and there won’t need to be a second. Get it wrong, however, and you could find yourself having to replace your deck sooner rather than later.

A wooden deck?

There’s no denying it, natural wood is beautiful. However, for all its beauty, timber as an outdoor decking material has some serious drawbacks. When exposed to sun, timber begins to warp and split, and in the rain, it becomes the perfect host for algae, moss and fungus. Continual maintenance, treatment and cleaning is an option, but, in the end, the inevitable wear and tear of natural wood is unavoidable.

Conventional composite?

Conventional composite decking materials have some timber content, which leaves them exposed to the same problems as wood. The presence of timber means that the deck must be built with adequate ventilation, to prevent rotting. This can limit your designs as you build around the needs of timber. The right outdoor decking material should complement your design, not dictate it.

Keep the look of wood – without the hassle

Millboard decking is made from a unique resin/stone material that retains the beautiful look and feel of wood, but without the maintenance needed to keep it that way. Each board is moulded from carefully selected timber samples and coloured by hand, capturing everything that’s good about wood. It is resistant to algae, moss and fungi, and with our unique Lastane ® coating, is also tough on stains, scratches and slips. Our boards outperform all known outdoor decking materials in slip resistance, especially in wet conditions, making them the safe option too.

The result is that Millboard has become the go-to brand for style-conscious property owners, developers and architects looking for the ultimate outdoor decking material. It creates beautiful outdoor spaces where people can relax and socialise, all year round.

Get your free samples today!

If you would like to see the quality of Millboard for yourself, we would be happy to provide free samples – choose and order them here

Once you’ve chosen your style and colour, Millboard is available to buy from stockists across the UK. We have a network of Key Distributors, carefully selected to ensure a positive purchasing experience and can offer helpful advice and recommendations in store. Find your nearest stockist or call our sales team on 024 7643 9943.

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