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Millboard’s R&D department have had a busy year so far and we’ve seen the exciting launches of our contemporary new Brushed Basalt colour to our Enhanced Grain range and our popular new product, the Bullnose Board. However, one of our most useful innovations has received a lot less fanfare owing to its sheer simplicity: we give you, the multi spacer!

Our new and handy product, the multi spacer, helps to provide a uniform 3, 4, 5 or 6mm gap between deck boards to achieve a beautiful finish.

For best results, we recommend opting for a 4mm space between deck boards and to use the other size blades on the spacer tool to account for those small irregularities in widths. By doing this, your resulting decking lines will be pleasingly consistent, even across large installations. We recommend using the spacer above every alternate joist.

The Millboard multi spacer serves one purpose – to accomplish a perfectly installed and attractive decking arrangement. It’s also worth considering that as the tool takes the guesswork out of spacing, you’ll have a quicker project turnaround too. Perfect.

Contact us today on 02476 439943 or via email on to find out where you can buy your multi spacer from.

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