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Decking should be wooden…right?

  • If you have a very limited budget, softwood decking will do the job, but don’t expect it to last.
  • We like hardwood decking, which looks good and will last- but you will still have to regularly scrub, sand and stain it to keep it looking tip-top.

So what are the alternatives to wooden decking that are easy to maintain and last the test of time?

Millboard composite decking not only captures the charm of natural wood but eliminates its shortcomings:

  • Millboard decking has the highest accreditations for anti-slip rating available.
  • Children & Pet Safe – Splinter free
  • Hygienic – does not absorb spills. (Beers, wines, spirits and food fats)
  • Maintenance free – no sanding or staining ever needed.
  • Algae resistant – non porous therefore resisting algae growth (rain will wash it off).
  • Solid board – does not harbour dead insects as per hollow wood plastic extrusions or rotting timber.
  • Stain and mould resistant.
  • Durable and long lasting.

Alongside its fantastic practicality Millboard Composite Decking looking fantastic and we have a range of colours and styles to suit all settings. For inspiration check out our design inspiration pages.

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