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If you are involved in architecture or landscaping, it’s almost certain that you will have heard the words ‘biophilic design’ at some point over the past couple of years.

Biophilia is a design concept that embraces natural colours, textures and finishes. This approach creates appealing and relaxing spaces, as well as offering deeper, more profound health benefits. Biophilic design has been linked to many things, from enhanced mental health, better physical health, lower crime rates and even decreased mortality rates. It’s also great for the environment and adds value to a property, so it’s no wonder that the design world is currently so full of biophilic motifs and touches.

To create a biophilic space, focus on materials, palettes and elements that add a natural look and feel. Natural light, ventilation and plants are staples of biophilic designs, as are unbleached fabrics, images of nature, naturalistic shapes and water features.

Mass-produced ‘natural-look’ materials often give the game away from quite a distance. Repetitions or uniform patterns all point towards human engineering, and we are acutely hardwired to spot these tell-tale regularities. What sets Millboard apart is the attention to detail. Millboard decking passes the ‘natural’ test, boasting the variable grain details that make timber distinctive.

To achieve this, each plank is moulded from natural timbers and is hand finished to achieve an authentically grained and multi-toned, organic look. Millboard decking is also a hard-wearing material with a slip-resistant surface, and unlike natural timber, won’t ever split, rot or require intensive maintenance. As the material doesn’t require harsh chemical treatments (cleaning the boards is a matter of wiping over with a damp cloth), the environment experiences less impact, and this too contributes to the ethos of biophilic living.

When these physical attributes are coupled with the characteristics of Millboard’s stable, low-carbon polyurethane core (which contains no plastic and no wood fibre), it’s clear that Millboard’s products fit the biophilic ideology perfectly.

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