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British Summer Time has got off to a cracking start (weather-wise that is), and it’s therefore no surprise that the nation has gone gardening mad.

Now’s a great time to create your dream deck, and with a new innovation from Millboard, you can dream big.

Earlier this month, Millboard launched DuoSpan™, a landscaping subframe system that makes light work of even the most complex of deck designs. DuoSpan is made from 100% recycled plastic encased in tough aluminium. These carefully selected materials provide your decking with strength, design-flexibility and minimal maintenance.

By opting for DuoSpan, you’ll easily be able to add steps, planters, seating, canopy roofing and access hatches into your deck design, along-with envy-inducing curved lines and distinctive, bold layouts.

The system is effortless to put together, and its simple slot-and-screw design makes it nearly impossible to get wrong. DuoSpan is also corrosion-resistant, adding to your long-term peace of mind.

Quite simply, DuoSpan is designed to do more and it’s engineered to last. So if you are planning to install a deck this summer, take a look and think about what you could do with the ultimate subframe system from Millboard!

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