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No decking is 100% maintenance free decking – even Millboard composite decking requires a low amount of upkeep – the occasional brush down for instance to keep the small drainage gaps between the boards clear. But you will find that Millboard is a supremely low maintenance decking solution compared to a higher maintenance product like softwood or hardwood decking.

Millboard low maintenance decking is a wood free product and as such is a more eco-friendly alternative and lower maintenance to decking containing wood or wood-composite decking products (WPC) containing wood flour. Unlike Millboard’s maintenance free decking, softwood decking absorbs water from rain, snow and from cleaning and will stay wet for long periods leading to the common formation of algae which in turn leads to the problem of becoming slippery. Unlike Millboard low maintenance decking, softwood decks are the shortest lived decking option that will split, warp and splinter and will require on-going, regular maintenance.

Hardwood decking requires annual cleaning and/or oiling to preserve its features. Despite the extensive maintenance you will need to do, you can still expect a hardwood deck to split and splinter eventually and due to expansion and contraction within the boards you will require larger gaps between the boards during installation.

Plastic decking won’t ever replicate the look of real wood like Millboard and will never compare to the performance that you will get from a Millboard deck either. Plastic deck boards will expand and contract with variations in temperature and will become slippery as ice when wet.

For a safer and more reliable product, Millboard is the most sensible maintenance free decking option available. No one wants to spend hours of their weekends or days off having sand or jet wash their decking when there’s sunshine to enjoy!

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