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A new study has shown that installing a deck or patio within your garden can increase your home’s value by 10%.

Building supply specialist Build4Less recently carried out research into the top 10 home improvements that will add value to your home, with adding a deck or patio ranking at number 7 – one of the cheapest improvements on the list, yet adds far higher value with a huge 10% increase in the value of a home.

The ten home improvements with the biggest return on investment, based on ONS figures of the average home being worth £268,000:

RankImprovement% Increase£ IncreaseValue
1Double-storey extension (40m2)23%£61,640£329,640
2Loft conversion20%£53,600£321,600
3Adding a basement18%£48,239£316,239
4Adding a new kitchen15%£40,190£308,190
5Garage conversion13%£34,840£302,840
6Single storey extension (20m2)12%£32,160£300,160
7Adding decking or a patio10%£26,800£294,800
8Adding a conservatory8%£21,400£289,400
9Extra bathroom extension5%£13,400£281,400
10Adding hardwood floors3%£8,040£276,040
Increase value home new deck

If you too would like to add value to your property, we look at five reasons why a Millboard deck can be so sought after when buyers are looking for their dream home:

1. It creates additional flooring space

A decked area is an ideal option to create additional flooring of your home, without taking up valuable garden space. It’s a lot cheaper than extending, usually doesn’t require planning permission and can be perfectly styled to enjoy the summer sunshine with comfortable outdoor sofas, rug, coffee table and plants to create the ideal place to relax, it’s almost like creating an additional room.

2. It’s the perfect entertaining area

An area to dine al-fresco is arguably one of the most important aspects of a garden, regardless of size or location. Whether described as a courtyard, terrace or balcony, adding a deck can elevate any outdoor area, providing a perfectly private area to enjoy coffee in the morning, dinner in the afternoon or cocktails in the evening. Millboard decking provides the ideal surface to dine upon, as thanks to its non-porous surface, it is easy to clean for spills and deposits.

3. It offers a natural look that suits many styles of home or garden

Millboard decking perfectly replicates natural wood, with a beautiful variation of tones, colours and grain-effects within a single decking installation. Despite looking so natural, the creation of curved decks, steps, planters, benches, matching gates (the list goes on!) is relatively simple with the wide range of matching fascia and edging.

Increase value home new deck v2

4. It meets SuDS requirements

Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SuDS) principles aim to manage stormwater in ways that are closer to nature, with one of the benefits being flood risk management.

A Millboard deck constructed with small gaps between each board results in rain initially collecting on the surface of the board, and then passing through the gaps without impediment. Rainwater then returns to the open ground beneath the deck structure, just as it would have if there were no surface present, therefore fully in line with the core principles of SuDS. Click here to find out more.

Increase value home new deck v3

5. It’s low maintenance, so will look great for years to come

Finally, the low maintenance properties of Millboard decking means that, whilst it looks like timber, it doesn’t need to be routinely painted, oiled or stained – so there’s no waiting for the paint to dry before getting back out to enjoy your deck.

Homeowner Ian installed Millboard decking in 2013 to improve and add value to his home and is still thrilled with the results. He remarked how it looks just the same as the day it was laid.

Click here to order your free sample to see the beauty of Millboard decking for yourself!

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