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With the weather having turned much colder, you’ll be pleased to know that we have just one gardening job for the month and it can be done in the comfort and warmth of inside! December is an ideal time of the year, when the garden is dormant and you can see its underlying structure, to do some planning.

Take stock of this year’s garden and jot down some notes or sketches to work from next spring. Assess what grew well, what failed to impress, and what changes you want to make next year. Getting some ideas down on paper now will be invaluable when you come to working out what seeds and plants you want to order next year.


Were there any areas of the garden that lacked interest at any point during the year? One of the keys to a successful garden is choosing plants that provide continuing interest throughout the year. Of course, ‘interest’ isn’t solely about flowers – seed heads, foliage and structure can all contribute to your garden’s look – but look for combinations that deliver something new from one month to the next.

Look at where there are spaces to be filled or height to be added. Are there any trees or shrubs that would benefit from being reshaped? Now deciduous plants have lost their leaves, it is the ideal time to take stock of their overall form.


Is your garden as wildlife friendly as it could be? The best single thing we can do to help is to have a pond or other water feature, so consider how your garden could accommodate one if it doesn’t already. And join forces with your neighbours to create ‘hedgehog highways’ between your gardens so that animals can move around their territories without being restricted by our human ones.

In this strangest of years, our gardens have often been the only outdoor spaces where we have been completely unrestricted. Getting the most from them means enjoying them for relaxing as well as nurturing. Are there places in your garden where you can enjoy a meal or drink, or simply sit and unwind? Here at Millboard we have seen great demand for our decking because people have wanted to extract every bit of pleasure from being outside. If you have followed this series of gardening tips throughout the year, you’ll have noticed how a Millboard deck minimises the amount of time spent on maintenance and maximises the time for enjoyment – so if a new deck features in your gardening plans for 2021, we hope you will think of us!

We hope you have enjoyed our series of gardening ideas throughout the year. All that remains is for us to wish you a Happy Christmas and New Year. Stay safe, and let’s hope 2021 is kinder than 2020 has been for many.

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