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If you are considering installing decking at your home or within your company, at Millboard we are able to offer a range of premium quality finishes. We have many different styles for our customers to choose from, allowing everyone to find the ideal design to suit their project. Depending on your specific requirements from your decking, we endeavour to find a product perfect for you.

Enhanced Grain

At Millboard, the enhanced grain is one of our most popular choices. With a smoother wood-grain finish, this design is simple, vogue and is available in 5 colours. This allows our customers to choose a product that fits in with the style of their property or specific project. After installation, the decking can be enjoyed for years to come with virtually no maintenance needed.


If you are health and safety conscious, tactile decking could be ideal for you. Businesses and public environment clients take safety extremely seriously and want to make sure that their staff and customers do not incur any injuries. Tactile decking uses Lastane anti-slip ridges which are suited to alert changes of level. This type of decking helps meet DDA requirements and is therefore an excellent choice for premises which have outside areas. Due to being anti-slip and does not host algae growth, you can also be sure that during wet weather, the slip risk is negligible.


Available in 2 tones, this style of decking adds an endearing quality to any space within a home or property. All of our products are hand-coloured with our customers in mind and our weathered range is no different. These boards are moulded from oak which is over 100 years old, resulting in a beautiful product which looks stunning in any environment.

For more information on our weathered, tactile or enhanced grain ranges, call us on 024 7643 9943 or visit our contact page to send us an enquiry email.

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