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Composite Decking…but not as you know it

What does the phrase composite decking conjure up in your mind? Something that looks, well, “plasticky”?

While cheap plastic decking may look plastic, there are some high quality products that certainly don’t. And right at the top when it comes to quality is Millboard’s decking. It is made from a blend of polyurethane and stone powder to create boards with exceptional strength and durability.

The term ‘plastic’ is very generic and thus it is debated as to whether polyurethane is a type of plastic. The reason for the debate is that polyurethane has benefits that typical ‘plastic’ does not, notably the elasticity, resilience and versatility. Its appearance is also a key feature, as with Millboard decking, you would be hard pushed to distinguish it from wood (most people assume it is wood). It’s hardly surprising: our decking is formed in moulds created from carefully sourced natural timbers, chosen for their beautiful grain and texture. And if that wasn’t enough, every board is then individually hand-tinted by our expert craftsmen.

So why buy ‘composite’ decking that looks like wood, but isn’t?

Wood looks beautiful, but in other respects is far from ideal decking material. It tends to rot, warp and split. Yes, there are treatments that slow these problems down, but they cost money and are often not very environment-friendly. And would you rather be working on your deck or relaxing on it? Decks should be all about enjoyment!

Talking of enjoyment, if you spill some red wine or oily food on to a wooden deck, it will be absorbed and leave an unsightly stain. Millboard’s decking has a unique Lastane® non-porous surface that doesn’t absorb liquids and can simply be wiped clean.

The Lastane surface also delivers another benefit: it is extremely slip-resistant. Wooden surfaces can get very slippery in the wet. This is even more the case when they have a coating of algae. Millboard’s decking has neither of these problems. It provides superb grip, even when wet. And because it contains no organic material, there’s nothing for algae to latch on to.

Millboard decking looks like wood, but works so much better. So-called ‘plastic decking’ has come a long way!

Contact us to find out more about Millboard decking. Or order some free samples.

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