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Because the finer details matter, the Millboard fascia & edigings collection discreetly works with your choice of Millboard, ensuring the final look is seamless. Available as standard or ultra-flexible to suit your space, they are available to match every colour of Millboard, so that your outdoor space flows as one and every inch has the distinctive Millboard look and feel.

Our Fascia collection works perfectly for areas with multiple levels and steps. Every space is unique, which is why our fascias are available in a variety of colour options to help you create the perfect look.

If your project has a curved surface area, they are also designed to fit the contours of any space. Millboard edging trim must be fixed at 300mm intervals along its length while easing the profile around the bend. The edge trims come in 7 colours which can be used to match the decking boards, or used as a contrast for design or to assistance partially sighted persons on applications open to public usage.

Choose Bullnose for a subtle look or Square Edge for added interest and to work perfectly with our textured designs. Millboard Edging lends every space an elegant, framed look.

Bullnose & Square Edge edging
Size: 50 x 3200 x 33mm

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