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Why choose composite decking? We are often asked ‘why should I select composite decking?’ and “what are the true benefits of stepping away from traditional timber decking?”…

Why choose composite decking? The beauty of real wood can transform any outdoor space, but wood can need regular maintenance, or can become slippery when wet; it quickly loses its original appeal via fading, absorbing stains, and eventual rotting. There are many alternative composite decking products that homeowners can easily research before they install their perfect outdoor living space. Although composite decking imitates the real thing, it is commonly produced from a combination of wood and plastic. The combined wood / plastic material process of composite decking offers a product that combats many of the problems faced with wood and it is mostly specified for decking and balcony installations.

A resin-mineral wood-free composite decking on the other hand, is completely different to wood plastic decking and is unique to the composite decking industry. Producing wood-free composite decking boards with enhanced performance is a fine art; inspiration is taken from the character and beauty of natural timber to develop an alternative that improves upon it. Moulded from carefully selected timbers and painstakingly hand-coloured for an incredibly natural appearance, this composite decking is as beautiful as hardwood, yet designed to outsmart it.

Produced from a unique polyurethane resin blend, with a resilient Lastane® surface layer, Millboard composite decking ensures that it’s anti-slip even when wet because it boasts the highest anti-slip property classification. Wood-free composite decking can be the perfect alternative outdoor flooring solution for every type of outdoor landscaping space: no matter how large or small. As well as the peace of mind of low maintenance, its unique design also means that it can be quicker and simpler to install than timber, with no pre-drilling or special tools needed.

All of our products have been designed to withstand whatever the elements or everyday use throws at it. Where timber, and non-capped wood plastic composites will fade over time, Millboard is highly resistant to UV light. The non-porous material also resists moisture, stains, mould, algae and impact. And it won’t splinter feet or paws.

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