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YOPA report

YOPA recently announced that homeowners can add value to their homes by landscaping their gardens.

The estate agent’s report revealed that a well-landscaped garden can add a substantial 20% to the sale value of a property– a lift of £60k on the average UK house price.

The Telegraph covered the story and canvassed garden and home professionals for their opinions. The overriding message was that ‘simpler gardens usually sell more easily’ and that ‘buyers can be put off by spaces that look fussy or tricky to maintain.’

Millboard YOPA report

Mark Hayward, MD of the National Association of Estate Agents, advocated a neat but low-maintenance space for maximum appeal. Jack Dunckley, RHS medal winner, suggested avoiding timber decks and to opt for decking materials with more staying power. Garden designer Duncan Heather agreed, urging homeowners to ‘Invest in good quality, as you would with any flooring material inside the home.’

Millboard’s decking range is so durable that it’s often the outdoor flooring of choice for hotels, theme parks and businesses, so it fits the criteria perfectly. It also mimics natural wood beautifully, which means that you can create your low-maintenance space with no concerns about aesthetic compromise.

In summary, investing in an attractive decking area could be the key to retaining and growing your house value. Call us today on 02476439943 to discuss the options.​

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