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Any landscaping professional understands the importance of getting the right decking material for the job. But given that there are so many options and so many environmental and maintenance issues to consider, it is easy to drown in information overload.

To provide the meaningful guidance required, Millboard has put together a comprehensive training session to walk you through everything you need to know about the types of decking available, how to use decking to best effect, and so much more.

These training sessions can be held anywhere in the country or online, and are approved by RIBA, which means that if you are a design professional, you can pick up CPD points too.

Entitled 'Design Considerations for Decking and its Alternative Uses’, the seminar explores all of the options available to design professionals, and considers the key points of each. Millboard’s experienced presenter takes delegates through health and safety requirements, sustainability, durability, performance, fire safety, aesthetics, installation and maintenance.

The session also highlights the alternative uses of outdoor flooring and, by the end of the CPD, each attendee will be fully briefed on:

  • Conventional materials for decking.
  • The applications where decking can be used, and what factors to consider.
  • The alternative uses of decking and the design possibilities.
  • What the choices for decking currently are.
  • How to specify a decking product that meets design and building standards and will stand the test of time.
  • What the best base options are for decking.
  • Post-installation maintenance requirements.

Each delegate will leave the session fully briefed on the latest decking information, and will be issued with a certificate, demonstrating completion of the seminar.

Click here to book today, or by calling Millboard’s training team on 024 7643 9943

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