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What decking alternatives exist for outdoor spaces?

When the sun is out, you want to simply enjoy it. So when it comes to a deck, you don’t want to be spending time on its upkeep when you could be relaxing on it with a cool drink by your side. The trouble with wooden decks is that you do have to invest time and money looking after them. Even with diligent maintenance, they will tend to warp, rot and fade. And with other composite decking alternatives, their wood content leaves them vulnerable to the same problems. That’s where Millboard comes in. Our decking is made from a wood-free material that keeps the attractive appearance of natural timber, but without the disadvantages.

Each decking board is moulded from painstakingly sourced timber samples that showcase the beauty of natural wood grain. The result is decking that is virtually indistinguishable from wood in appearance, but far superior in performance. It doesn’t rot or warp, and fades far slower than natural wood. With no wood content, there’s nothing to encourage algal growth either.

To add to its easy-to-live-with qualities, each board has a Lastane ® surface layer which is both non-porous – so spills don’t leave stains – and highly slip-resistant, even in the wet. There’s no need to spend time applying expensive, often environmentally-unfriendly treatments to keep it looking beautiful, either. Just an occasional wipe over with standard household floor cleaners is all that’s needed.

A complete, high-performance decking system

Millboard’s decking is backed up by accessories that match its performance. Our Plas-Pro sub frame system and self-levelling supports are simple to work with, while various edging options, all incorporating the same natural wood-grain, ensure your deck has the perfect finish. If you’d rather leave your deck’s construction to experts, we have a network of approved installers to call on.”

If you’re considering your decking alternatives, find inspiration from real life examples of how our customers have used Millboard. Then take a look at the different styles and colours we offer and order your free samples. You’ll soon be on your way to having your dream deck.

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