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Sustainability is a crucial element of the company’s ethos, and we are committed to producing decking and cladding that enhance the outdoors without damaging the planet. Millboard products have a low carbon footprint and are made using recycled fillers and biopolymers.

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Recycled Fillers

Over a third of the raw materials used for making the structural core of Millboard is recycled. These materials have been diverted from waste streams and reprocessed to create premium ingredients for our boards. This helps to sustain the earths limited resources and prevents waste unnecessarily going to landfill sites.


The Lastane layer on the boards is made partly from renewable raw materials, utilising biopolymers/natural oil polyols as opposed to a petroleum-based material. Natural oil polyols are derived from naturally occurring vegetable oils, therefore represent a fully renewable raw material base.

Low Carbon Footprint

Our manufactured products were verified to the international standard ISO 14064 by a UKAS accredited testing laboratory, resulting in a low carbon footprint of 1.31kg / CO2 per m2. This proves that Millboard has a limiting effect on our contribution to climate change and our environment.

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